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I'm working on a legacy COM C project that makes use of system hungarian notation. Because it's maintenance of legacy code, the convention is to code in the original style it was written in our Hungarian Notation Reference You are requested to follow some standard naming convention for variables and functions, objects etc used in your programs.

Hungarian is a naming convention for identifiers in code, especially, but not exclusively, the C and Java languages. Each identifier would have two parts to it, Hungarian Notation Jan 03, 2008 Hungarian notation is a naming convention in computer programming, a constant reference argument, holding the contents of a database column LastName of type varchar(30) which is part of the table's primary key.

Bjarne Stroustrup (against systems Hungarian for C): Hungarian notation is an identifier naming convention in computer programming, The name of the notation is a reference to Simonyi's nation of origin; Bjarne Stroustrup (against Systems Hungarian for C): No I don't recommend 'Hungarian I regard 'Hungarian' (embedding an abbreviated version of a type in a variable name) as a Is Systems Hungarian notation still a useful practice?

[closed For example, C and C pass array references as pointer types, but array references and pointers have different operations that should be performed against them: arrays can be indexed beyond the first element, while pointers should not. Hungarian notation's popularity has Hungarian Notation. Charles Simonyi is credited with first discussing Hungarian Notation. It is a variable naming convention that includes C information about the variable in its name (such as data type, whether it is a reference This C reference page gives examples and tutorial links for XoaX.

net's Hungarian Notation for C. The original idea of Hungarian Notation was to encode information about the variables purpose, which is known as Apps Hungarian. Over time, this focus changed to encoding information about the variables type andor scope, which is known as Systems Hungarian.

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