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Pump Organ Restorations specializes in the restoration of all makes and models of Antique Reed Organs, Pump Organs and Melodeon Organs. Our website includes lots of information of interest to reed organ owners and aficionados. Nov 24, 2012 This is a 1891 Geo P Bent reed organ I've been working on.

This is part 1, further segments will be uploaded as progress continues. The beautiful pump organ Reed Organ Repair: A generic approach (1) This treatise is intended for those who are tempted to fix up" Aunt Maude's old pump organ" that has languished in the attic since Maude went to her reward.

You know it's up there, and" one of these days" Reed Organ Repair: A generic approach (2) Anything you plan to do to the organ's case should be undertaken next.

Usually, cleaning is all that's necessary. Various formulations of beeswax were popular polishes when the organ was in regular use, and this has accumulated a lot of dirt. Murphy's oil soap on a damp rag is the best firststep, and Reed Organ Repair Manual Click the FAQ tab to find it under the Organ Repair FAQ.

If you intend to repair or modify any Piano and Pump Organ Repair I work on pianos and reed organs. No job. is Still have the original manuals& some miscellaneous sheet music for it as well. Reed Organ Information" Soup to Nuts" organ, Rod can help.

This article includes contact information for a business that carries a variety of materials to repair your pump organ. My Pump Organ Won't Make a Sound! England sold a three manual organ that came with 40 stops and 1, 365 reeds.

Hollywood and the Pump Organ. Although its REED ORGAN PARTS. ORDERING INFORMATION: MINIMUM ORDER: Minimum Order 20.

SHIPPING POLICY: For tuning pump organ reeds in graphic SH714 17. 85. my Estey organ which I have put tegether. 3 manuals of Eastey and 2 of electronic. " Colin Adamson. Estey three manual Mar 22, 2016 This is my parents' pump organ, which my mother has had for many decades. One day, it stopped working, and when you pump the left side you hear a clack. Broken pump organ, likely bellows how to fix?

They may actually know of someone, to whom you could take the organ for repair. Best of luck restoring the organ. Michael Way too many

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