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KAAZ SuperQ Limited Slip Differential 1, 225. 00 Models: 350Z 370Z G35 G37 Competition vehicles demand the up most from your differential and at times can push this component beyond it's boundaries. Click here to get all the latest news and information about KAAZ products and accessories. as well as general technical information on differentialrelated products, is provided here.

GO FAQ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Have a question about KAAZ products? Check here before searching our tech library and see if its already KAAZ LSD Limited Slip Differential 3S AWD REAR Diff 3000GT Stealth; KAAZ LSD Limited Slip Differential The repair manual test procedure for the rear VCU is to jack up the car with all the wheels in the air and turn one of the rear wheels by hand.

If the rear diff VCU is good, then the front wheels and other rear wheel will turn in the Now for you Drag racer types, this is where you want the direct engagement of a clutch type differential like a KAAZ. The KAAZ 1.

5 way and 2 way diffs, have a cam lock type of engagement. When power is applied, it immediately engages the clutch packs, which in turn locks the wheels. KAAZ Limited Slip Differential for Nissan 350Z (2 way). Activate maximum grip, traction and control. Cost effective, tough, direct fit plate LSD's from Kaaz. Available at Every Kaaz limitedslip differential is offered in a SuperQ variant. SuperQ units feature reduced chattering and smoother engagement for an enhanced driving experience. With the help of WPC metal treatment, SuperQ limitedslip differentials also come with better heat dissipation and longer wear life with no breakin process required.

KAAZ GL5 80W90 weight oil is safe to use on front wheel drive transmissions as well as any transfer case containing a KAAZ limited slip differential. Kaaz LSD oil for manual transmission and hypoid final drives GL5 80W90 Kaaz Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is the choice differential for drifting, road racing, autocrossgymkhana, drag racing, spirited driving, and any other forms of motorsport. Kaaz LSDs react fast without fail to provide much needed traction to the wheels when cornering and accelerating.

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