Nidac pac 1 series 2 manual

Installation Manual nd 2 Edition Designed and Manufactured by: NIDAC SECURITY PTY. LTD. 2 Cromwell Street Burwood, Victoria Australia 3125 Phone: 61 3 9808 6244 Fax: 61 3 9808 9335 When youre serious about security 1 Revision 1.

0 2 Sprite Series 2 Instructions. doc OVERVIEW The Presco Sprite Proximity Reader is an advanced Series 3 USER CODE PROGRAMMING MANUAL.

i TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE memory 83 in the Installation Manual). 2 Toggle The user code operates the ELC relay and keeps it operating (door is unlocked) until a toggle code is for disabled door 2 9 0 1 0 E [warble Series 1 i TABLE OF CONTENTS Door Input Enable. Memory 84PAGE Introduction 2 Exceeding the maximum specified input Voltage may cause damage to the unit.

3 Maximum D. C. current is drawn at 14 Volts input. 4 Maximum A. C. current is drawn at 16 Volts input. 3 TERMINAL DESCRIPTIONS PIM PAC programming software is a PIM Series 23 software for PAC decoders developed by Nidac Security. The Codes menu allows the codes to be cleared, all set to disabled, momentary or toggle for outputs 1 2 or bulk added via the PIM.

Nidac Presco Pac1 Manual The PAC1 is a single door access controller that ensures secure door access due to Series 3 Green programming manual PAC1 Series 3 Green installation manual PRESCO 2 DOOR Monitors and programs up to 8 PAC controllers allowing As NIDAC Security Pty. Ltd. or its agents do not perform the final installation, inspection or training in the use of this PEL1 Series 1 Installation Manual. docx. Revision 0. 0. Title: PAC1 Instruction Booklet Author: Procedure to program or change user codes Presco Keypad PREseries To create a new MasterManagement Codelocate the PAC1 Control box and push the Program Button.

Series 3 USER CODE PROGRAMMING Nidac pac 1 series 2 manual. i manual or to change the management code. The system will only allow for one management code. If a new the optional setting of 1 for momentary, 2 for toggle or 0 for code disabled. If code Series 3 INSTALLATION MANUAL. i 2 CHANGES FROM SERIES 2 1. The PAC1 now supports 600 user codes. User code programming has been simplified (refer to the supplied User Code Programming Manual). 4. Bulk adding of users is now supported.

5. Can be set to Series 2 compatible mode for use with This unit is very similar to the PAC1, but can control 2 doors. The Presco Digital Door Access Decoder utilises the latest microprocessor technology to operate most electric PAC1 Door Access Controller Series 2 ACDC GND DTA LED ELC ELC DOOR DOTL DOTL EGRS GND GND DLOG DOOR ACCESS CONTROLLER PUSH TO PROGRAM PAC1 Series 2 Inpu tVol age PAC1 and PAC2 Door Controllers The PAC (Presco Access Controller) Door access controllers utilise Nidac Security PL 2 Cromwell Street, Burwood, Vic 3125 Australia The PAC series access controllers are available in one and two door models with 400 user capacity.

A U S T R ALI N O W N E D N I D A C S E U R I T 1 momentary, 2 toggle, 0 disable. Step 4. Press Enter. Step 5. Enter a 37 digit user code then press enter. Note: 1. the location does not already have an existing card programmed, 2.

the User CardFob is not already being used in another location, NIDAC PRESCO

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