Minolta manual macro lens

The Minolta MC 100mm f3. 5 Macro is a very big lens, optically it is neither bad nor great either. Review on the Sony Alpha 7 with full resolution samples.

Minolta mm F5. 6 Macro MD Mount Manual Focus Lens 55 See more like this Beautiful Minolta MC 100mm F3. 5 Macro RokkorX Manual Lens w 1: 1 Adapter PreOwned Minolta some people say that the focusing is slow, i havent noticed this as yet on my sony a700, but there again this is a macro lens, like many have said in the past, macro is best used in manual focus mode.

Although the first lens with the new grip was introduced in 1967, the MC Macro RokkorQF 50mm 1: 3. 5, the majority of the MC II lenses was introduced around 1969. Minolta's R& D kept on being very busy, and developed exciting new lenses like the worlds first fullframe fisheye 16mm 1: 2. 8, the 21mm 1: 2. 8 and the 85mm 1: 1. 7. Minolta Manual Lens Index Very useful index of any manual Minolta lens ever made Artaphot. ch most content is in German but there are a few well documented tests of Minolta glass.

Rokkor. de Useful for identifying different generations of Minolta lenses I have the Minolta 50mm f3. 5 macro and have been very happy with it, but wouldn't even try using it with my E510. The problem is one of focusingthe E system cameras are not well suited for manual focusing. it's doable, but not as efficient as using a Minolta lens on a Minolta 35mm SLR. Manual focusing these Minolta lenses has been a dream!

What I want to do now is give the writing a rest and just show you photos made with each of these lenses over the past few weeks. minolta maxxum 5 camera wcarrying case af zoom 1.

1m3. 6 ft macro hoya 49mm plcir a. 55. 6 lens minolta program 2000 xi light af 2880 af zoom 0. 38m1. 3ft macro by Minolta Group Description This group is for those who use a manual focus, fixed focal length macro lens on any Minolta film or MinoltaSony digital camera body. Non macro primes are also allowed provided an extension tube is used and a Minolta body is used. The Minolta AF Macro 100mm F2.

8 was designed and produced way back in 1986, and yet its so optically perfect that Sony, who acquired Minoltas camera business back in 2006, are still making and selling this very lens today (under their brand name, of course). This is a sharp Minolta 100mm f3. 5 MC Rokkor manual focus Macro lens with the 1: 1 extension tube, original lenshood& caps in exceptional condition! The lens hardly shows wear so I rated it a 9 condition! The Minolta 1002. 8 is the world's first 100mm autofocus macro lens, introduced a year after the world's first AF SLR, the Minolta MAXXUM 7000.

This is also the world's first 100mm lens that can focus directly to lifesize (1: 1) without adapters.

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