Tractel beam clamp manual

TRACTEL CORSO BEAM CLAMPS Manufacturer: Tractel. Product Code: LT 1B Request a Quote Now. TRACTEL CORSO BEAM CLAMPS Beam clamps for manual and electric hoists, anchor points, or lifting clamps Working load limit (WLL) from 1 to 10 t Simple and fast adjustment on I beam Great stability on the beam bar Movable hanging ring for the positioning of a load Quick adjustment to the size of the steel profile using screw and lever Corso Beam clamp Models from 1 to 10 ton Large adjustment range Generously sized body made of steel alloy Great stability on the beam bar assembly and operating manual TRACTELGRIPHOIST Inc.

51 Morgan Drive Canton, Massachusetts 13. Inspection by persons authorized by Tractel is to be carried out once every six months. To spot check the The parapet clamp described in this manual has a rated The Corso Beam Clamp from Tractel has an opening that can be adjusted to various commonly available profiles for positioning and adjustment.

A lifting device can be inserted into the ring by using a hook. Beam Clamps& Trolleys Tractel beam clamp manual Direct offers many different brands and capacities of hoist trolleys and beam clamps. Hoist trolleys are used on Ibeams and Wbeams to move the hoist horizontally.

This is accomplished by providing the trolleys with both a flat and tapered wheel. Beam Clamp with clamping and locking screw, can also be used to lift girders when used in pairs. This clamp is designed to provide a permanent or semipermanent suspension point on girders, to suspend hoists, lifting beams, pulleys, etc. The clamps are manufactured by Tractel, and are suitable for handling of plates, profiles, subassemblies, and steel frames.

It is widely utilized in the right to modify the specifications of the equipment described in this manual. The companies of Tractel Inc. and their agents or distributors will supply on request the beam clamp must be appropriate for the load to be applied to it Tractel Corso Beam Clamp The product range of Corso equipment allows a quick installation on a steel beam. The Corso clamp opening can be adjusted to various commonly available profiles for positioning and adjustment.

The Tractel Fallstop Beam Clamp is an anchorage device designed to fit Ibeams from 3 to 9. 25. This beam clamp features simple installation and is easily removed for multiple uses.

The Tractel Fallstop Beam Clamp meets OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements and is rated for a oneperson load. CORSO Beam Clamp is designed for different applications and can be quickly installed on a steel beam. Clamp opening of the Corso is adjusted for the numerous commonly accessible profiles for positioning and adjustment.

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