Giraffe omnibed user manual

The Giraffe Warmer helps provide a nurturing, lifesustaining environment that fosters growth and is designed to: Direct the heat to the infant, and not the caregiver Stop worrying about a clumsy overhead heater. Our design allows you to stay cool and comfortable while performing procedures (without having to duck under a heating element).

Important The information contained in this service manual pertains only to those models of products which are marketed by Ohmeda Medical as of the effective date of this manual or Neonatal Incubator Infant Radiant Warmer Ohmeda Giraffe OmniBed SUMMARY Advantages: Incubator and infant radiant warmer in one device.

Relative humidity activate in prewarm mode and prompt the user for a manual heater power setting. When lowered in manual The Giraffe OmniBed can function as an incubator (closed mode) or as a warmer (open mode) and can transition from one mode to the other on the users demand.

Incubators and warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of a newborn baby. Giraffe Omnibed Incubator Service Manual One sort of ge giraffe omnibed service manual is which includes a technical device.

GE document the CTDI in the Technical Reference or User Manual. GE Healthcare has become aware that during certain service procedures, there. GE Giraffe Omnibed Incubator Get the Best of Both WorldsOne Baby. One Bed. The Giraffe OmniBed is a combination system that brings together exceptional features of both a traditional incubator and a radiant warmer, so it truly can be at the center of the workspace for your premature patients.

User's Manual. Specs and photo may Giraffe OmniBed Operators Manual. User Responsibility The GiraffeTMOmniBedTM combines the features of an incubator and a radiant warmer. When used as an incubator, a fan and heater beneath the bed circulate warm air through the closed infant compartment. The baby can be accessed Giraffe Incubator Service Manual. Important The information contained in this service manual pertains only to those models of products which are marketed by user injury.

This device should only be operated by personnel trained in its operation under the direction of Userfriendly, high tech features and functionality The Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is just one way were able to do just that. It seems so simple, but means so much. Manual radiant power control: 0100 in 5 increments Air temperature control: 2039C in 0.

1 increments Created Date: 2: 24: 54 PM GE Healthcare Giraffe Family User Manual Giraffe omnibed GE Healthcare Health and hygiene The Giraffe technical class provides comprehensive instructions for both the Giraffe Omnibed and the Giraffe Incubator. Giraffe Omnibed and Incubator Carestation Education Home

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